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Hi-Tech Laboratory

A chain of Clinical laboratories to bring best of its kind. A Medical Laboratory / Diagnostic centre or Clinical Laboratory is a laboratory where tests are done on clinical specimens in order to get information about the health of a patient. Laboratory tests are an integral part of the workup of any patient, and constitute up to 80% of a physician's diagnosis and treatment choice. As medical technology advanced doctors were able to get more and more tests done in shorter and shorter amounts of time. Where in the past a doctor might order a potassium and glucose and it would take hours for the results, now a doctor can order a full chemistry panel of 10 or more different tests and get the results in under an hour. The results are also much more accurate and reliable now than in the past.

Providing Quality Results : SDCPL is a medical laboratory testing company offering a full range of tests necessary for patients,.For extremely specialized tests, samples are sent to a research laboratory for testing. Our staff is made up of specialists in a wide variety of laboratory disciplines. We provide the most advanced and accurate test procedures available for laboratory testing.

Efficiency - Our computer network gives us instant access to records of patients throughout.

Services for Laboratories and Medical Groups: SDCPL is a major provider of services for hospitals, medical groups and other labs throughout the state. Most of our work is performed, where we have created an optimum working environment in our own laboratories.

Leading edge Technology - Our technical staff implements the latest testing methods on state - of - the - art equipment. By choosing only the most reliable reagents and other testing materials, we ensure accurate results.