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GENERAL TESTS OFFERED 1.5 TESLA MRI STUDY Brain / MRA / MRV Spine: Cervical / Thoracic / Lumbar Sacral / whole spine Chest T-M Joint / Inner Ear / Temporal Bone Neck / Nasopharynx Breast ...
2. 3D / 4D Ultrasound Scan
Diagnostic Tests / Sonography With 3D / 4D Sonography, or Ultrasound, utilizes high frequency sound waves (not x-rays) to obtain diagnostic images. Ultrasound imaging is used to evaluate many parts ...
3. Echocardiogram
... ½ inch in diameter. The TEE test provides a close look at the heart's valves and chambers, without interference from the ribs or lungs. TEE is often used when the results from standard echo tests are ...
4. Biochemistry Services
The Biochemistry wing of SDCPL performs a wide range of diagnostic tests for both inpatients and outpatients. The laboratory includes sections that perform assays not readily available elsewhere including: ...
5. Digital OPG Facility
Diagnostic Tests / Digital OPG Today, three-dimensional imaging is offering the field of dentistry previously undreamed-of diagnostic and therapeutic options in the fields of surgery, prosthetics, ...
6. Mammography
Diagnostic Tests / Mammography Mammography is a screening tool for breast cancer. At SDCPL, we employ advanced digital imaging technology for the dual benefits of optimum diagnostic quality and ...
7. Hi-Tech Laboratory
A chain of Clinical laboratories to bring best of its kind. A Medical Laboratory / Diagnostic centre or Clinical Laboratory is a laboratory where tests are done on clinical specimens in order to get ...
8. Digital X-RAY Facility
Diagnostic Tests / Digital X-Ray All types of X-rays are taken at SDCPL using state-of-the-art digitizer with printing of images on highest quality films. The various procedures that we carry out ...