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1. Bone Mineral Densitomety
... weakening of the skeleton due to loss of bone and calcium. A skeleton that has been weakened by bone loss is more likely to fracture, and people with osteoporosis have a high incidence of fractures. If ...
2. Tread Mill Test
... the test, it requires more oxygen and in effect the heart must pump more blood. The test can show if blood supply is reduced in the arteries that supply the heart. Treadmill testing (TMT) or cardiac ...
3. Microbiology Services
... supplies, sterility media, parasitology and mycology supplies, anaerobic bacteriology supplies, custom media formulations, disposable gloves, lab coats, inoculating loops and much more! Why is SDCPL ...
4. Guided Procedures
... allows the provider to have more precision in placing the medication in the target area. Common applications for ultrasound guided injections include muscle and tendon strains, arthritis, calcium deposits, ...
5. 1.5T MRI Scan Facility
... diagnostic investiga-tions such as Sonography and Colour Doppler for a more thorough evaluation of any disease. Other applications MRI Brain with advanced Neuro (Spectroscopy, DTI, Fiber Tracking, ...
6. Mammography
... these changes two years or more before you would feel them. Physical examination is also important because pre-menopausal breast tissue is often dense and fibrous, which may decrease the reliability of ...
7. Hi-Tech Laboratory
... advanced doctors were able to get more and more tests done in shorter and shorter amounts of time. Where in the past a doctor might order a potassium and glucose and it would take hours for the results, ...
Siddaganga Diagnostic Centre Pvt. Ltd. (SDCPL) is founded to set a service trend that address the most pressing challenges in global health. These problems include not only better diagnosis of disease, ...