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1. Bone Mineral Densitomety
... weakening of the skeleton due to loss of bone and calcium. A skeleton that has been weakened by bone loss is more likely to fracture, and people with osteoporosis have a high incidence of fractures. If ...
2. Echocardiogram
... test is recommended, please tell your doctor if you have any problems with your esophagus, such as a hiatal hernia, problems swallowing, or cancer. Please plan to bring someone with you on the day of ...
3. Electrocardiogram (ECG)
... of your chest, arms and legs. Men may have chest hair shaved to allow a better connection. You will lie flat while the computer creates a picture, on graph paper, of the electrical impulses traveling through ...
4. Guided Procedures
... allows the provider to have more precision in placing the medication in the target area. Common applications for ultrasound guided injections include muscle and tendon strains, arthritis, calcium deposits, ...
5. Mammography
... mammography for young women. Age Recommendations for Mammography for Women at Average Risk for Developing Breast Cancer Over 50 years: All women over the age of 50 years should have annual mammography ...
6. Hi-Tech Laboratory
... the state. Most of our work is performed, where we have created an optimum working environment in our own laboratories. Leading edge Technology - Our technical staff implements the latest testing methods ...
... customer in quality and reliable services. If these practices are implemented, customer will be very happy as today they are not getting what they have been promised. It is becoming very difficult for ...