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1. Echocardiogram
... on the day of the test? DO NOT eat or drink anything for at least six hours before the test. Water is OK up to two hours before the test. If you must take medication before the test, take it only with ...
2. Tread Mill Test
... stress testing is a non-invasive test done to find the stress on the heart. It involves recording the 12-lead ECG before, during, and after exercise on a treadmill for diagnosis of subclinical or latent ...
3. Mammography
... these changes two years or more before you would feel them. Physical examination is also important because pre-menopausal breast tissue is often dense and fibrous, which may decrease the reliability of ...
... have to think twice before entering into any such service points. The actual cost to customer shoots up because of many unnecessary prescriptions or huge service cost margins. This is becoming burden for ...