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1. Bone Mineral Densitomety
... machines can only scan single sites. An annual DEXA scan is recommended after the age of 40 years (especially for women). For those at high risk for osteoporosis as identified below, scans at an earlier ...
2. Echocardiogram
... the test so that you will have a ride home. You should not drive until the day after the test, as the sedation given during the test makes it unsafe for you to drive after the test. Can I eat or drink ...
3. Tread Mill Test
... stress testing is a non-invasive test done to find the stress on the heart. It involves recording the 12-lead ECG before, during, and after exercise on a treadmill for diagnosis of subclinical or latent ...
4. Mammography
... far. The radiation effect on the breasts decreases exponentially after 35 years of age. The only precaution to be taken is that the patient should be sure that she is not pregnant. Does the procedure ...